BB2 Monthly Assessment: June (+THANKS to my readers)

This year, I started doing a monthly assessment of myself. It is what it sounds like: at the end of each month, I take a look at things about myself, how I’ve progressed in life over the past 30 days, and where I need to go from here. If life is truly a journey, it’s important to look at the car you’re driving, where you’re about to head off to, how you’re getting there, why you’re going, and what you’ll do when you get there. That sounds like a lot…but it is all important. Usually I talk about major emotional or psychological moments I had within the past month that made me really think about why I operate the way I do. Being a month away from hitting 25 now, I think today is a good time to recognize where things are going.

(Secret about me: pictures of pathways are my favorite. So...representative of life.)

(Secret about me: pictures of pathways are my favorite. So…representative of life.)

Okay. So once this summer is over, school will be back in session and I’ll go back to my Masters degree work in choral conducting. I was thankfully given an assistantship with our choral dept. to serve as director of one choir, asst. director of the chorale, and general gopher for the choral dept. head. Soooo I’ll be pretty busy, but doing things I want to do. I also want to work in adding my vocal performance masters, and I think that’ll begin in the winter (but I am picking voice lessons this semester again). I’m very excited about all of this! Right now, my ultimate career goal is to be able to teach choir at the university level. For all I know, at this young age, that could change given major turns and circumstances in future years. However, for now I know that this is where my passions lie.

Dad always taught us growing up, “Pick something so good that you can wake up every morning excited to go to work because you get to do your thing. And the fact that you get paid for it is just a plus.” I’ve kept this with me all my life and allowed it to influence the choices I make with where I want to end up. When I wasn’t enjoying my journey at different points, I could tell when it was time to shift gears, get off the highway, and find a new road. Or a new car. And I think now I’ve been on the correct path – here’s to hoping I keep myself there from now on.
Now on another note, I’d like to shift gears, because while writing this…to be honest, a completely different set of thoughts just took over. To everyone who’s been reading things on my site: a sincere thank you. I’ve only been blogging since February, but I started this as not just a movie-reviewing venue just-for-fun, but mainly as a catharsis at a very important time in my life. I wrote about my thoughts on life and how I’ve been developing in recent months to help sort my thoughts out in a healthy way, and I was able to relate to many others out there who were doing the same. This helped me immeasurably; and to top it off, others were able to relate to me as well. I wasn’t doing it to get a ton of internet acclaim (I even felt bad about days in a row where I didn’t have time to blog), but as time went on and different posts & movie reviews started getting tons of hits, I was just taken aback. Not to be all “hey look at me, I got mad followers” or anything like that. I’m just grateful that my expressions, thoughts and ultimately artwork can be used in a positive light to anyone who reads it. To my fellow bloggers, many of your works have brought me joy and positivity as well just by you doing your thing.

To everybody: don’t be afraid to be yourself!




Music Monday: John Cage’s 4’33”

Hello everybody, and welcome to another segment of #MusicMonday! In this segment, we’ll talk about music that means something to us or in our greater music culture as an art form.

Last week, we talked about if Lil Jon’s Turn Down for What & other EDM counts as music. Today we’re definitely breaking the rules a bit to talk about John Cage’s infamous ‘silence’ piece 4’33” and if it qualifies as music!

John Cage (1912-1992) was an American composer, music theorist and writer. He was one of the leading voices in post-war avant garde music. Many composers and musicians were utilizing the rules of music (pitch, melody, rhythm, methods instruments used to produce pitch) to create new sounds, timbres and textures. For example, Cage used ‘prepared piano’ in which the actual strings of the piano would be plucked, or pins would be placed in the piano on the strings in order to create a unique texture. As you can imagine, this did not quite hit the ear of audience members the same way a Mozart opera might have. 4’33” was definitely the most experimental of Cage’s work to be sure. The piece consists of literally 4 minutes and 33 seconds of the performer sitting with their instrument in total silence. It has a defined beginning and ending in which they do not produce sound from their instrument.

The argument has always been “there’s no sound, this isn’t music! Music consists of organized sounds, but there’s no sounds here!” Well, here’s the thing. Yes, we like to listen to something with a melody, a beat, words, or even instrumentals with exciting yet defined climaxes, emotional swells & dynamics, etc. But of course, the term ‘avant garde’ does mean coming from nothing, which means the artist is creating their own statements from the ground up – not based on what most know to be the artistic norm. Anytime anyone makes a left turn from mainstream artwork, it is met with at least a little resistance because it comes off as aggressive. But you see, Cage can defend 4’33” as music by saying that the music is the sounds that surround you while you’re sitting in the silence. Maybe you’re in an auditorium listening and you can still hear the soft presence of the air ventilation system, or the birds outside, or your neighbor’s chair creaking as they quietly try to check the time on their phone for when they can get out of here. Point being, the music in this case is supposed to be everything around you, as this is where music can begin – sounds and surroundings that influence you. Now granted, Cage was also into zen Buddhism and meditation, so he was a little whacked out on feeling the environment. But art is supposed to express what you feel. Lionel Richie, a soul music pioneer, said at last night’s BET Awards that “soul is a feeling, not a color” as he was often told that his new sounds were a far-out idea. However, he expressed what he felt, changed the game with something unique, and his expression through music has been celebrated by many who have accepted his music as timeless. But it all started from wanting to express what he had inside of him – Cage was doing the same thing. For this, I stand by the fact that while very far-fetched, Cage’s music can definitely be considered as artwork; and as it happens, it continues to be talked about over 60 years later.

So that’s this week’s #MusicMonday! I hope you enjoyed talking about something a little different today, and I encourage you to check out some kind of crazy, out-there avant-garde music! Who’s an artist you like who went against the grain, despite what others said, and got back great results eventually? Let’s talk about these pioneers of music and keep their expressions of art alive!

Have a great week, and sing on, my brethren!

John Cage

John Cage

The Princess & the Frog: Up There with Other Disney Greats?

"Best Disney Movie since The Lion King" it though?

“Best Disney Movie since The Lion King”…is it though?

Princess and the Frog (2009)

Tiana is a hard, young worker who lives in good ol’ New Orleans, working hours on hours to save up to buy a space for the restaurant she’s dreamed of having since she was little. Her father’s raised her to dream big and reach for the stars…but also to work very hard to accomplish her goals. Meanwhile, Prince Naveen, a spoiled prince cut off from his inheritance, is turned into a frog by the Shadow Man while his bumbling sidekick is given his life. Shadow Man plots to have the sidekick, in the prince’s body, pose as him in the costume festival/parade to kiss the closest thing they have to a princess to inherit her father’s money and kill him. Meanwhile, Naveen gets a kiss from Tiana which turns her into a frog, and they go on a journey in the woods to be turned back into humans, discovering from each other that what they actually needed all along was more than just their human bodies.


  1. Tiana – She is determined, quick, bright as all heck, thoughtful, and although she is a dreamer, she is also balanced very well between realistic situations vs. her dreams. She works to accomplish her goals, doesn’t act like she needs someone to complete her (although it would be nice, she thinks), and plans everything out as best as possible. Tiana is a great Disney princess and a great character in general because of how balanced she is. Her romance with Naveen (yeah, aside from being within a couple days…) isn’t too rushed or forced. She thinks he’s a slob/snob for a while until they actually do get to know each other, and she has to learn to let her guard down a bit. For movie pacing, that’s pretty decent.

    You go, Anika Noni Rose. Two for you, Anika Noni Rose.

    You go, Anika Noni Rose. Two for you, Anika Noni Rose.

  2. The Music – Randy Newman’s soundtrack is perfect for this movie. I will admit that a few of them aren’t as memorable around the second act, but in general, the sound of this movie totally matches the New Orleans look and atmosphere. And the songs that are fun are really, really fun! The dark villain tunes are pretty darn sinister as well! Friends on the Other Side is up there for me in terms of Disney villain songs. Nice work, Randy Newman. You done good.
  3. Shadow Man – What a great villain this is. He’s mysterious, he’s sinister, he doesn’t need much explained about him, he has a sweet villain song…and here’s what’s more. He’s not necessarily doing what he does because he woke up evil or just wanted to spite the main characters in revenge or anything. He’s stuck in the voodoo game, carrying out orders from the dark forces. So technically, he’s a pawn. This might sound weak, but really, he’s a step ahead of other Disney villains. Jafar’s motives were based on ‘POWER! POWER!’ and when he got it, all he wanted was more, and then he just got all goofy. Scar wanted to finally be better than his oh-so-perfect brother and achieve ‘POWER! POWER!’ and when he got it, he didn’t know what to do with it! Shadow Man is more of a master-of-ceremonies, keeping the chain of events moving until Tiana finally puts him out of business.
  4. Charlotte – This chick is hilarious. I thought for sure I’d get sick of her hyperness QUICK, but it has this weird charm that keeps me laughing instead. We all know a version of this person in our lives…but Disney found a way to make us like them. She is just so much fun, all the way to the end. Aren’t you glad Tiana has a friend like this?
  5. Animation – This isn’t always worth mentioning seeing as how this is what Disney is known for doing well; but I will say that the designs on these characters are very cool, original and creative! Now, yes, this is the first Disney princess story to feature an African-American princess as the lead, and setting the story in New Orleans was a good choice, I thought. But hey, as long as our black animated characters are given effort in their design and don’t look like the picture below, I’m satisfied.
  6. Morals – Many fairy tale stories just tell you to dream…then a bunch of stuff happens…the hero/princess/whatever saves the day and the get what they want, or go on something ‘spirit-journey-esque’ but all are ultimately happy. This film does teach you to dream, but it also tells you to actually put the time, work & effort in to accomplish that. This is more than true! Every goal does start with a dream or idea. But without putting the work in, you can’t just expect it to show up. Scar didn’t work for Pride Rock, it just showed up…and since he didn’t have qualified working experience in his resume, things fell apart under his leadership. The sky got dark & the trees withered away because he didn’t know that eating his horticulture department would be a bad idea. Makes sense, right?


  1. Ray the Firefly – Good lawd, I hate this thing. First, we meet him and he sings a song I just plain forget happens as soon as it’s over. Second, we already have Louis the alligator as their cartoony sidekick, so Ray is completely unnecessary – he just adds more padding & a couple fly jokes. The BIGGEST problem, as most have said already, is when they try to make us care about Ray’s death by pausing the climax of the movie for his big funeral scene. It comes right out of nowhere, literally stops the action, and lasts waaaay too long. I mean, good grief. It’s one of the most pointless moments in animated cinema I can remember – almost up there with the ‘big-lipped alligator’ songs from All Dogs Go to Heaven & Fern Gully, but way less pleasant. Ray can go take a hike. Under a fly swatter.
  2. The Road Trip – I’m not gonna lie, the second act of the movie is the most forgettable part of the movie. The songs, meeting Ray, the hillbillies…yeah. Not like it weakens the movie per say (for the most part)…but when I think about Princess and the Frog, I think of the first and third act. Usually not the middle, until the two mains start getting along, and when they meet the voodoo lady.
  3. Father’s Death – Come on now, Disney. Why did the daddy have to die? His passing definitely motivates her further to achieve in honor of his memory, sure. But honestly, part of me thinks he was only cut because this is a Disney movie, and Disney rarely promotes two-living-parent-homes. He easily could have been just old and kind of tired from his working days to support the family, still encouraging Tiana to work hard like her mother was doing. I just wasn’t a fan of that idea.
  4. Too Much Plot/Loopholes – When you think about it/try to explain it like I did above, it really is rather complicated & nearly exhausting. I mean, go back and read that summary again. I didn’t even include what the festival is or why Shadow Man’s specifically needs Charlotte’s father specifically, which when you figure it out…it’s really just a gigantic loophole. When Tiana & Naveen are finally transformed back into humans, it’s exciting and deserved…but it’s based on a loophole. There’s at least one or two more loopholes in this movie, and it’s because this plot is stuffed like a Thanksgiving turkey. Then there’s the random adventures & sub-characters in the second act of the film that serve as your aunt’s crusty mac & cheese that…you don’t really want anywhere near the turkey.

I like this movie! It’s fun, the characters are memorable for the right reasons, looks great, has a good environment/feel to it much of the time that resembles a good Disney film, and has good things to teach kids. Where it falls short is a complicated storyline, consistency issues about 45 mins. in, and a bug you just want to squash on your screen. Thankfully, the good is just enough to outweigh the bad. I wish it would have gotten a re-write or two in some spots, because the creativity on this really could have propelled this even more into a true, true Disney classic. As is, it’s definitely worth a watch for a family movie night.


Let me know what you think! I’ll see y’all around the bayou.

P.S. The guy who brought us Ocsar Proud brought us Shadow Man. No, really:

Just saying.

Just saying.

Top 15 Monty Python and the Holy Grail Quotes

This movie is one of the original examples of what great movie comedy can be – and even places in medieval times! You know you’ve got a great comedy that can be relevant years later across generations, not just for those who were alive for its’ release. Let’s celebrate by laughing at my top 15 quotes from this wonderful film full of comedy genius.

  1. “Are you suggesting coconuts migrate?” – Guard
  2. “Help, help! I’m being repressed!” – Dennis the Peasant
  3. “‘Tis but a scratch!” – Black Knight
  4. Bedemere: What makes you think she is a witch?
    Peasant: She turned me into a newt!
    Bedemere: …a newt?
    Peasant: …I got better. ….BURN HER!!!”
  5. “It’s only a model.” – Patsy
  6. “I fart in your general direction! Your mother was a hamster, and your mother smells of elderberries!” – French Guard
  7. Bridgekeeper: Hee hee heh. Stop. What… is your name?
    King Arthur: It is ‘Arthur’, King of the Britons.
    Bridgekeeper: What… is your quest?
    King Arthur: To seek the Holy Grail.
    Bridgekeeper: What… is the air-speed velocity of an unladen swallow?
    King Arthur: What do you mean? An African or European swallow?
    Bridgekeeper: Huh? I… I don’t know that.
    [he is thrown over]
    Sir Bedevere: How do know so much about swallows?
    King Arthur: Well, you have to know these things when you’re a king, you know.
  8. “We are no longer the knights who say ‘Ni.’ We are now the Knights who say…”Ekki-ekki-ekki-ekki-PTANG. Zoom-Boing, z’nourrwringmm.”
  9. “You must cut down the mightiest tree in the forest… WITH… A HERRING!” – Knight #1
  10. King Arthur: NI.
    Sir Bedevere: NOU.
    King Arthur: No, NI.
    Sir Bedevere: NOU.
    King Arthur: No No, NI… NI.
    Sir Bedevere: No,No,No,No… NI.
  11. Monks: Pie Jesu Domine, dona eis requiem [slap]
  12. God: What are you doing now?
    King Arthur: Averting our eyes, oh Lord.
    God: Well, don’t. It’s just like those miserable psalms, they’re so depressing. Now knock it off!
  13. ARTHUR:  What happens now?
    BEDEMIR:  Well, now, uh, Launcelot, Galahad, and I wait until nightfall, and then leap out of the rabbit, taking the French by surprise — not only by surprise, but totally unarmed!
    ARTHUR:  Who leaps out?
    BEDEMIR:  Uh, Launcelot, Galahad, and I.  Uh, leap out of the rabbit, uh and uh….
    ARTHUR:  Oh….
    BEDEMIR:  Oh….  Um, l-look, if we built this large wooden badger–
    [Wooden rabbit is catapulted towards them]
    ALL:  Run away!  Run away!  Run away!  Run away!
  14. Son of a hamster,

Top 20 Things Wrong with House Party 4

house party 4
I had the misfortune of being forced to watch this before bed last night. And I thought about reviewing it, but there’s just no point. Nothing about this movie is good. (Except Megan Good’s looks, but they even find a way to take away from that.) So instead, here are the top 20 things wrong with the terribly undeserved franchise continuation known as House Party 4.

First, the plot: Marques Houston sneakily skips school, playing sick, to plan a house party in his uncle’s house while house-sitting. Hijinks ensue while he outwits a bunch of dumb adults. Sound familiar?

20. No one from the original House Party movies is here. The 3rd movie wasn’t very good, but this…well, strap in, kids.
19. Megan Good looks great, but she has no character other than ‘the hot girlfriend.’ Her writing is pretty generic.
18. Megan Good asks Marques Houston why throwing this party is so important to him and he tries to have a brief deep moment about it. Dude, it’s a house party! You’re having it to have fun! Don’t try to make this a Dr. Phil moment, just get turnt in your uncle’s house and keep it going!
17. The mom is STUPID. She is way, way too over-assuming, nice, and backbone-less. She believes nothing her daughter says and is overly sweet to Marques Houston…which is dumb, because he’s acting like he’s sick, and he can’t even act, so…
16. Dorien Wilson doesn’t deserve to have his name attached to this. He’s a good guy. His reseme is forever tainted with the role of “father of butthead.”
15. The teacher’s reading of Shakespeare is way too stupid. Oh look, she’s overly dramatic and the kids don’t care. How different.
13. The soundtrack is blandly lousy.
12. The teacher stalking the family’s house is given just enough time to be awkward & not too long, yet not enough to be explained. Seriously, why did she personally go to their house, just to snoop?
11. The jokes are terrible.
10. The writing is terrible.
9. The editing is terrible.
8. So much forth-wall breaking!!!
7. “Gay Way Airlines” should not be a thing. It’s done only for laughs based on stereotypes, and not fun ones. Pretty rude ones.
6. Buddy Lewis is a good guy and a funny actor! Why is he given such crappy dialogue here?! He says maybe 2 funny lines, and the rest is unbearably lousy. Also, his entire subplot about their cruddy roadtrip keeps coming back every other scene, and it’s never fun. Just a chore. I hate it.
4. The mechanic’s daughters give plus size women a bad name. I mean it. They are portrayed here as just big girls jiggling around, eating everything in sight, trying to grab some skinny guys & acting too confident in what they have. Oh, and they’re played by 2 dudes, I think. We’re 2/2 on stereotypes now.
3. This movie was made to help promote Marques Houston & the gang’s group from back in the day, ‘Immature’. Glad we wasted some decent amount of time on that for a group that clearly lasted in the limelight forever. Hope this helped, especially considering they’re all SO good at acting.
1. Director/Writer Chris Stokes…is AWFUL. Not only does he fail to do a satisfactory job of directing the cast well or writing even a decent script from which he stole a story and added no originality…he also plays the worst acted character I’ve ever seen. I mean, good Lord. His mechanic character romps around, yelling, throwing his belly a bit, and overacts until the cows come home (and leave again), dancing like an idiot, and insisting himself into the plot with his two big daughters. He is the brains of this project, and the reason it is the way it is. As soon as you know that the guy in the truck directed/wrote the film, you understand the rest of the movie: a big ball of stupid.

I refuse to watch the one that came out last year. Why we’re giving the House Party series Home Alone treatment, I have no idea. Look, just stay away from this movie, bottom line. It’s not funny, it’s not creative, it’s got no good acting, and it’s just a chore to get through this thing.




Movies Kevin Hart Should Have Been In

kevin hart
So let’s face it: Kevin Hart is having an exceptional year. He’s transitioned from standup comedian to America’s favorite funny man to beloved comedian to that guy who’s in EVERY movie coming out in 2014. Like, every movie. (No, seriously. He stunt-doubled in Maleficent as the crow the first time we meet him. Go watch it again.) Whether or not the films he was in were successful (Think Like a Man) or not (Soul Plane), the rising stardom and success of Kevin Hart is undeniably fantastic. His latest standup Let Me Explain created the second hardest laughter I’ve experienced within the last year. And his presence in recent movies like Ride Along and such, he escalated the movie’s humor gigantically with his joke, strong writing, and a personality larger than his…well, height.
You get the point. Kevin Hart is awesome. And EVERYWHERE.

SO everywhere, in fact…that I wonder how other crappy movies would have been saved if they would have gave Kevin Hart a call! Think about it. If your favorite flimsy film had harrowed some Hart humor, it’s suckiness shant have survived. Therefore, in lieu of the release of Think Like a Man Too, I’d like to take a look at lackluster movies and explore how K-Hart would have made them better!

  1. Love Don’t Cost a Thing
    Of the films I’ve reviewed this year, this one is my LEAST favorite. The worst quote is the athlete bully yelling at Nick Cannon’s friends during the game to leave their seats (apparently “for cool kids only”). He says “LOSERS TO THE LEFT!” and it is at this moment, when no one stops him, that there are NO adults in the movie making these loser children be accountable for their actions. Insert Kevin Hart as the basketball coach, who would have gone up to the bully to put him in check.
    HART: Hey! Boy, get back on the court! What you think this is?!
    BULLY (to ‘geek’): Get off our seats! LOSERS TO THE LEFT!
    HART: (to bully) No – Losers back on the court! What are you doing, boy!? Get back to the game! I got money on this, young playa!
    stop it
  2. Fat Albert
    I’d say he could have been the replacement Omarion. You know, instead of having Omarion “trying to be the antagonist”, we could have just had Kevin Hart as another schoolmate or something, a buddy or Kyla Pratt who told some jokes along the way. Even if it was a few throwaway fat jokes, him doing it would’ve made us all forget about Russell’s stupid junkyard backplot easier.
    "Nobody makes a fool out of Reggie...except for Reggie!"
  3. Fighting Temptations
    How great would it have been if K-Hart was in the choir, sang TERRIBLY, but they had to keep him because it turned out he was Lilly’s (Beyonce) cousin and she would only stay if Darrin (Cuba Gooding Jr.) kept him? SO many great moments would have come from this. Because as we all know, in every choir, there’s always that ONE guy.
  4. Batman & Robin
    We all know this movie sucks. Maybe Kevin Hart could have been Mr. Freeze’s sidekick who put him in check for all those bad ice puns.
  5. Shark Tale
    Kevin Hart as the annoying shrimp. Self-Explanatory? Yes. Stupid? Yes. Hilarious still? Heck yes.

    "Say hello to my little friend, MITCHES!"

    “Say hello to my little friend, MITCHES!”

  6. Training Day
    Just because of the explanation of his SNL audition doing how he thought this movie should have gone. I mean, come on!
  7. Space Jam
    How great would it have been if instead of Bill Murray showing up at the end, Kevin Hart comes in, tries to steal scoring the winning basket, has this huge slow-mo where he’s in the air, and he misses? Then he’s just standing there blankly like “uh…wait wait wait, lemme get another shot, I was just getting warmed up!”
  8. Bebe’s Kids
    Hart would’ve have put up with that mess. He’s a better father than that.
    kevin hart kids
  9. Grown Ups 2
    When not even Chris Rock can save your movie (bad writing withstanding), your movie has a problem. Perhaps trading David Spade for Kevin Hart and letting him & Rock spar off would have brought in more laughs and definitely a wider audience.
  10. THE WIZ
    Yes, I’m still pulling for the fact that Kevin Hart needs to play the Lion. Do I even need to explain?

What other films do you think need a heaping helping of Hart? Drop some comments and let me know! Here’s to more Hart-enduced laughter this year and for more to come.


P.S. This is my FAVORITE Kevin Hart standup joke: (from Let Me Explain)


Hello all, and welcome to another segment of #MusicMonday! In this segment, I’ll talk about a song or artist and ask you for your own opinions or music to share as well!

Today: yes, you read the title correct. TURN DOWN FOR WHAAAAT!

Turn Down for What – DJ Snake & Lil Jon

*I’m posting just the audio….if you haven’t seen the music video for this song, DON’T. It’s so dang weird. Not even over-erotic, just plain freaking weird. Anyway.

TURN DOWN FOR WHAT! DJ Snake & master of the hype, Lil Jon, combined to make this club hit late last year. It’s a pretty simple example of EDM club hits – the synthesized music gives you a turnt enough beat, Lil Jon yells TURN DOWN FOR WHAT every other measure, and soon the synthesized music starts to get hyper and hyper and hyper. Finally it escalates further and further, getting the crowd more and more excited, until with the biggest yell of TURN DOWN FOR WHAT, the DJ drops the bass, and the real action begins.

Now, previous installments of #MusicMonday have included jazz, rock, gospel, acapella, choral, pop, etc. Some might challenge the presence of today’s song, asking if if can be considered music if it’s all synthesized sounds and a guy yelling, resulting in club-goers simply getting crunker and twerking. To those people, I say YES. YES it is music! DJs really are creating sounds to work with, and even when they are using previously recorded works to create something new, a) you have to be a musician enough to be able to do this, being aware of the makings of music, and b) you are still creating some type of an art form in its’ own right. Yes, this song may just look like more cause for yelling and excitement – but that’s what it was created for, being an EDM club song. It’s hype music! So get hype! Sarah Vaughan’s Lullaby of Birdland was made to express love. Kirk Franklin’s Let Me Touch You was made as a plea to Jesus. Turn Down for What was made for you to get ALL THE WAY TURNT. Because why should you turn down? Turn down for what?!

*BTW…I worked a wedding reception last weekend at an otherwise very elegant, classy venue…and when the DJ put this on (mixed with other EDMs & ‘normal’ reception songs like YCMA & We Are Family), I was very excited. But I was working, so I had to keep my ‘turntness,’ if you will, to a minimum.

So that’s Turn Down for What! I hope you enjoy this catchy EDM now-classic, and can get down in your own home! (Also, Lil Jon is just the coolest, nicest guy. I saw him on Late Night with Seth Meyers a few months ago and he is hilarious.) So do you have a favorite hype club song? Feel free to share below and keep the art or all things music alive!

Have a great week, and sing on, my brethren!

***P.S. For a better idea of how EDM in 2014 works…