BB2’s Top 15 SNL Fall 2014 Moments

This list includes sketches & a few Weekend Update segments that were, in my own opinion, 15 of the strongest highlights of the the first half SNL’s strong 40th season. I’m not going in any particular order this time around – after much toiling, here are 15 things that made me laugh, got me interested in the construction of the writing, or made me laugh really hard.

So, here we go!

1. Puppet Class (Bill Hader, Killam, Strong, Moynihan)
Anthony Peter Coleman may be one of Bill Hader’s best characters ever to air (or one of the best characters, period). I hope he hosts again sometimes and gives us a third installment.

2. Back Home Ballers (Diaz, Zamata, McKinnon, Strong, Diaz, Jones, Bayer)

This one is a pretty good representation of how well done and fun the song sketches have been this fall. Anytime you get all the ladies of SNL together with some good material, you’ll never be disappointed. Finally: Bowls, bowls, all type of bowls…

3. Weekend Update: Cheer Up, Obama (Jost, Che, Thompson)

This was the first sign that the new Update team of Che & Jost could be pretty great together. Not sure if anyone still thinks about this segment, but I hope it cheered up our President.

4. Bad Boys (Pratt, Bennett, Mooney)

Everything about this is pure genius. I’d be okay with a Mooney/Bennett early 90s sitcom knock-off every week in 2015. A little kid peer-pressures Chris Pratt into stealing Beck Bennett’s ball with a gun so they can play in the house for 4 seconds…what’s not to like about this?

5. Match’d (Harrelson, Strong, Bennett, Mooney, Killam)
Great sketch writing example #1. I will laugh at this every time I see it. Also, everything about these executions are perfect. Cecily Strong is a perfect MTV voice/personality, and the reactions of each guy when Woody Harrelson’s host drops the bomb is solid.

6. Kid Mayor (Franco)
This is here because of how hard I laughed. I’m nearly ashamed of how much I laughed at this. Also, because its’ motives are just plain funny.

7. 39 Cents (Hader, Pharoah, Thompson, Zamata, Jones)

Great example of good sketch writing #2. (I believe Michael Che wrote this?) I should’ve scored it higher on my scorecard, but it makes such a good point…why 39 cents? Seriously? Anyway, this is a good ‘evergreen sketch’ in that it brings an original idea to the table and could be enjoyed later on as a classic.

8. Weekend Update: Leslie Jones (Jones, Jost)

Literally any time Leslie Jones is on Update is a true gift. I’m posting this one because Harriet Tubman. But seriously, she brings such life to the Update desk (and the show in general) and has been such a breath of fresh air in the world of comedy. It’s only a matter of time before she’s a big star. Finally, I’d watch a half-hour comedy show of Leslie flirting with Colin Jost.

9. Sump’n Claus (Thompson, Zamata, Strong, Moynihan, Freeman, Bayer, Mooney, Bennett, Bryant, Davidson, Pharoah)

I am STILL going around with this song in my head.

10. Grow-a-Guy (O’Brien, Franco, Bennett, Zamata, Bayer, Davidson)
Mike O’Brien is without a doubt the most interesting SNL writer right now. He has this unique gift for making a mini-story that combines genuine sincerity & meekness with comedy and “what in God’s name am I looking at???” This is a prime example, as well as Monster Pals Dragon Babies from last spring. Also, He and James Franco make a nice duo in these.

11. Wedding Objections (Freeman, Jones, Bennett, Bryant, Bayer, Thompson, Killam, Strong, McKinnon)
Another great piece of sketch writing that could have aired whenever. Everyone delivering their objections is great in this, immediately jumping to the absurdity of this couple being together (especially Vanessa Bayer). The sketch nearly jumps into 3rd gear when Kate McKinnon’s Evelyn stops by to SHUT IT DOWN.

12. Lincoln Ads (Carrey, Thompson)
Jim Carrey solves the question of “yeah, why did this need to happen?”

13. Church (Moynihan, Davidson, Pharaoh, McKinnon, Bryant, Mooney, Strong, Bennett, Killam, Jones)
All of this is true.

14. Weekend Update: Pete Davidson (Che, Davidson)

Pete Davidson has done a few ‘Resident Young Person’ appearances, and I believe his first one may have been the best so far. It didn’t even really matter what he was talking about – his charm and grin won over the crowd so quickly that everyone just wanted to see more of this guy. This could be why we started seeing him star shortly thereafter in a few pre-taped segments. But this has been some of his best stuff this fall.

15. High School Theater Show (Diaz, Bryant, Killam, Bennett, Mooney, McKinnon, Thompson, Bayer)
Truly one of the best pieces of sketch writing this fall – maybe the best. This sketch was also entirely dependent on timing with each line, movement of boxes, choreography, etc. and it hit everything dead on. It’s so great when a live sketch can be this succinct and funny and great to look at. Plus, everything is true about this. I’ve been Kenan Thompson/Vanessa Bayer in the audience looking at these. 100%.

Can’t wait to see more of what SNL40 brings!


Can SNL Find Martin Freeman’s Red Boots?

This was Martin Freeman’s first time as host, and I went into this show as open-minded as possible, not really sure what to expect from him. He’s certainly a talented actor who seems to have been game for a lot in his career, but how would he fare with this SNL cast? The answer: pretty darn well! Dare I say, this might be the best show of the season? Check on the scorecard and see if you agree….

COLD OPEN: CHARLIE ROSE (Killam, Moynihan, Mooney)
Some of the individual jokes behind this one are pretty good. (TWC phone calls are my least favorite thing.) But I don’t know…I just didn’t laugh out loud at any of them. Comparing CIA torture methods (terribly uncomfortable labors) with things every day people go through just seemed a little weird though…eh, maybe I’m thinking about it the wrong way. Autocorrect does kind of suck. But I digress: technically, this was still funny and better than the average 2014 SNL cold open. Mooney & Moynihan are pretty great together!
Blackometer: 6.5/10

MARTIN FREEMAN MONOLOGUE (Freeman, McKinnon, Killam)
You know, Martin Freeman has some real nice charm. This monologue was just him relaxing, being his charming self, and I really enjoyed watching it. It’s always good to see Alan Rickman on SNL too. It was just fun to see him being himself, and having a jolly good time doing it!
Blackometer: 7/10

SUMP’N CLAUS (Pharaoh, Davidson, Thompson, Strong, Zamata, Bayer, Mooney, Moynihan, Freeman, Bennett, Bryant)
Oh man. This sketch made me miss Kenan’s “What’s Up with That?” sketches from a few years ago. I usually tend to give things like this more points than they deserve…this may be one of those times. But I mean, come on – from seeing Martin Freeman choke a guy to Sump’n Claus’ back story (which wasn’t as risque as I thought it was going to be but still great) – this was just too much dang fun. More of this, Kenan Thompson.
Blackometer: 7.5/10

WEDDING OBJECTIONS (Freeman, Jones, Bennett, Bryant, Bayer, Thompson, Killam, Strong, McKinnon)
Everyone is concerned about this couple who just met five days ago: a short British guy who own White Castle and a statue-esque WNBA player. The premise is funny, the individual jokes are funny, just…just watch it. If Martin Freeman wants chocolate, who are we to deny him of it?
Blackometer: 9/10

THE OFFICE: MIDDLE EARTH (Freeman, Moynihan, Killam, McKinnon)
Just plain clever. BBC’s The Office crossed with The Hobbit: why not? Good lord, Killam’s Gollum is just tremendous. Also, the makeup department deserves a huge Christmas bonus – it took me 30 seconds into the sketch to realize it was Killam under there, and I still can’t figure out who the orc is (it’s Colin Jost, for all I know).
Blackometer: 8.5/10

RIGHT SIDE OF THE BED (Killam, Strong, Freeman, Mooney, Bryant, McKinnon)
You know…I don’t get it. I don’t get how sketches like last week’s great Ferguson/Morning Talk Show sketch gets cut…but then we get talk show sketches like this, where they randomly throw in a woman whose son was just tortured next to a confused dancing Martin Freeman… (that almost sounded funny saying it, but watching it, I didn’t laugh.) This wasn’t about anything, but Kate McKinnon’s Keith Urban was pretty good.
Blackometer: 1.5/10

CHURCH (Davidson, Moynihan, Pharaoh, McKinnon, Bryant, Mooney, Strong, Bennett, Killam, Jones)
Between a church upbringing and visits to a good few masses, I have experienced ALL of this. This felt similar to Jason Sudekis’ Underground Film Festival sketches in the past…but for a mass!
Blackometer: 8/10

(Jost, Che, Zamata, Strong, Bayer)
What a fun Update this was. First of all, we got Sasheer Zamata front and center! I’ve been waiting for her to have her own breakout-kind of thing this year, and this was great material. As someone who doesn’t like the fact that the black power fist isn’t black, yeah…this was for me. #BabyCharlesBarkley. Cecily Strong’s new one dimensional girl kind of felt like a character Tina Fey would have killed at, and without sounding like I’m making an unfair comparison, Cecily was great in this. Finally, Jacob the Bar-Mitzvah Boy is always fun – not the best rendition of these, but Che was good with him.
As far as our hosts: Jost continues to grow on me a little more each week. And Che…sigh. Poor FDR. Deep cut, man. Individual jokes aside, still waiting on them to something as a duo to really stand out. The individual stuff is good! I just think they need to break away a little more from what Update has been in the past decade to be, more or less, themselves. Stuff they tried last week and in their first two weeks was the strongest for this, in my opinion. I think the Che-Jost Update has all the potential in the world, it just hasn’t broken away from “here’s a joke, here’s a segment” all that much other then the occasional rant. We’ve still got a year, and I’m sure no changes will be made before May, so I’m holding out. These guys are funny, as their non-Update work has proven. But anyway, let’s wait and see.
Blackometer: 7.5/10

(Killam, Freeman)
This was a fun sketch that felt like an Abbott/Costello routine. However, I’m not sure why it cut off where it did – what does happen now that the light is blue? What’s he gonna do?! Anyway.
Blackometer: 7/10

HOLIDAY GIG (Thompson, Freeman, Mooney, Bennett, Bayer, Killam)
Even more What’s Up With That?-esque than Sump’n Claus! Man, this was weird. But weird is fine! This one worked, and I somehow hope it becomes a recurring sketch. I really want to be a part of a performance like this in real life. Kenan saying ‘red boots’ over and over until it became funny is a good example of how SNL relies on him to elevate material in execution. Also, at first I was scared the sketch would leave me in a cliffhanger…but Taran Killam’s Roman fixed all of that curiosity, somehow. It’s worth noting Taran Killam was everywhere tonight. Also, I miss What’s Up with That?
Blackometer: 7.5/10

WATERBED COMMERCIAL (Freeman, Bryant, Killam, Pharaoh)
This was more Aidy Bryant that I think most people can handle. The props dept. definitely win it this week! I hope Aidy gets to keep all of that stuff with her face on it…including the giant face.
Blackometer: 6.8/10

Best Sketch of the Night: Wedding Objections
Worst Sketch of the Night: Right Side of the Bed
Jokes of the Night: “He just adopted the Wu Tang Klan” – Thompson
“If there’s one wrong move…JENGA!” – Killam
“Of course [running for President is] not an IQ test. It’s also not a lie detector test…or an ethics exam…or a foot race.” – Che
Observations: Another solid show in the SNL40 canon! With a first-time host and being one show away from the big Christmas episode, this one could have been lackluster as in recent years…but it’s evident that the writers worked hard to provide good, legitimate sketch comedy for the cast + Freeman to take to the next level. Freeman was good, playing more front-and-center roles than James Franco got last week, and didn’t seem to hold anything back in the process. All around, a fun show!

Oh, and here’s a sketch that was cut for time starring Freeman as another goofy product salesman, but he’s even more over-the-top than when with his wife Jeanine:


Next time: Amy Adams for the 2014 Christmas Show!! Looking forward to another holiday blast as we bring a so-far-solid season to it’s first semester closing.

Martin Freeman: 6.98
Bill Hader
: 6.91
James Franco: 6.81
Woody Harrelson: 6.80
Jim Carrey
: 6.80
Cameron Diaz: 6.78
Sarah Silverman: 6.78
Chris Pratt: 6.54
Chris Rock: 5.75