Movie Reviews


Some movies are GREAT!!! Some movies…just don’t work. I plan to use this page to talk about, analyze, and give my opinion about what works and doesn’t work about some movies. Just for fun. Click below & see if you agree!

COMMENT BELOW TO REQUEST MOVIE REVIEWS! (Or at least to give me ideas.) I started off mostly with African-American casted film/childhood films, but I’m totally game for plenty of other things. I enjoy also comedies (Anchorman, Holy Grail), action (Inception, Dark Knight), drama (Temptation: Confessions of a Marriage Counselor)…really almost anything. So feel free to give me your ideas!

Reviews I’ve done included Dreamgirls, Fat AlbertMuppet Treasure Island, Love Don’t Cost a ThingMadea’s Big Happy Family (& plenty of other Tyler Perry/Madea movies & plays).


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