BB2 Monthly Assessment: October

This month, the main thing on my mind has very much to do with my most recent lack of legs.

Over two months ago, I fell and sprained my knee – bad enough that I had to readjust my activity at work, teach sitting often, and never going out to socialize because “I need to put my legs up.” I did everything the doctors told me to in order to get better, between physical therapy, medicine for the muscle inflammation, icing my knees regularly, etc. I even used crutches for a while, which was the most annoying physical thing to do ever. (I had some outstanding arm muscles from it, however.) After what felt like an agonizing 1.5 months, I finished physical therapy, had been off my crutches, eventually stopped using a knee brace, and could walk around fine (and nearly run!) feeling about 90% recovered just fine. I remained on my feet all week, working very hard in school and work even if it meant being ‘everywhere’ (but being careful whenever possible).

Sadly…my injured knee eventually relapsed after all this activity. Bad enough that both knees were in a lot of pain, and I had to go back to two crutches and a brace, AND get temporary handicapped parking just so I could get around campus easier. I figured it was from overworking it, and had to get an MRI done for further results – turns out while most of the inflammation is gone, there’s just enough left (a very little bit) to cause the pain I’m still experiencing. So next it’s off to an orthopedic surgeon for more specific guidance.

Why do I mention all of this? Not for sympathy or anything like that. But because I didn’t get why it was happening. I had gotten better, and tried to resume normal activity. Why was I back down again?

Well as it happens, this serves as a perfect metaphor for life’s hardships. The very things we most depend on and take for granted just might be taken from right under us sometimes! It could be things…it could be people…it could be a good situation…so on and so on.

I also mention this because I think I’m supposed to understand this later. This whole thing’s had me feeling like I’m 25 going on 65, and I’ve been told a thousand times by people over the age of 40 that “You’re young, don’t worry – you’ll bounce back soon.” My first instinct is always “yeah no, right now I just feel pretty elderly.” But then again, there’s probably some truth to this. Later on, I’ll probably experience something that will have only made sense because I already went through not having great use of my legs. I’ve already been through that after having dislocated my shoulder months ago. (My conducting shoulder, at that!)

My point: we can’t take our negative experiences for granted. To be honest, I do not have all the answers on this particular situation yet, and it is absolutely not fun whatsoever. However, I do believe that every negative experience provides us with something to learn from (big or small) that we may grow from it and into something more positive later on. Sometimes, we have to fall back to move forward, right?
There’s a great song on the very subject that Take 6 did an arrangement of that explains it a little better that I do here:




Jim Carrey Hosts Leslie Jones’ First SNL as a Cast Member

Jim Carrey returned to host SNL for his 3rd time, this time doing the Halloween show. Carrey, having a sketch comedy background from his In Living Color days, is definitely one of the best kinds of hosts SNL can have, and with Chris Rock scheduled for next week’s show, we truly have yet not had a dud “I’m just here because ratings” kind of host (which is great!). His first show back in the 90s took place while his movie stardom was very much on the rise, as he portrayed highly-quotable characters such as in The Mask or Ace Ventura. His 2011-hosted show brought about the Swan Lake parody sketch that most fans will remember with Nasim Pedrad and Bill Hader.

And hey – Leslie Jones was just promoted to featured player this week!! That’s just plain amazing. I personally didn’t want anymore additions to this cast at the current size…but honestly, if they were to add anyone, this is a great decision I fully support. She has the voice, presence and energy that the show needs to capitalize on, and she’s basically been like another featured player thus far this season, having a weekend update segment and appearing in two sketches. My question is, what will that mean for people like Sasheer Zamata, who are also funny but haven’t had much of a chance to truly break out and show us their abilities? Will she get lost in the sauce as Leslie Jones climbs the ladder? Interestingly, she and Jones were hired at the same time, but Zamata was put in the cast while Jones was hired as a writer (in response to the show’s 2013 controversy over a lack of casting diversity). Well…only time will tell. My point: I love Leslie Jones. But I also want to see more of/get to love Sasheer Zamata!

BUT ANYWAY! On to the Jim Carrey SNL recap!

COLD OPEN: EBOLA CZAR (Pharaoh, Killam, Strong, Moynihan, Bryant, Thompson)
This was…okay. I didn’t laugh much, I didn’t dislike it…for me, it was there. Politicians are corrupt. Yup. Then Kenan’s Al Sharpton showed up, and although it felt like “how do we end this thing?…hmm…Al Sharpton says something eccentric.” Then I chuckled. Kenan must really like playing this guy. But yeah, this didn’t seem to really go anywhere other than feeling like 3 different sketches.
Blackometer: 4.5/10

JIM CARREY MONOLOGUE (Carrey, Killam, Zamata, Strong, Thompson)
Walking on stage in that costume shouldn’t have threw me off as much as it did. He really could have said anything in this song, and it would have been just so much fun because of his energy. But, yes – the devil impersonating Elvis singing about pecan pie. Sounds like classic Carrey to me. Weird can be fun! (Which would become a theme of the night.) And hey, a choir!
Blackometer: 6.8/10

LINCOLN ADS (Carrey, Thompson)
This was funny. And interesting – because I always figured Matthew McConaughey was Taran Killam’s best impression. Then…it became a 3-part recurring commercial ad! Spot-on stuff here, right up to the random kids being concerned from the backseat. Then out of nowhere…well, I won’t spoil it if you haven’t seen it. Just watch and have a good laugh at the 3rd one.
Blackometer: 7.8/10

CARREY FAMILY REUNION (Carrey, Jones, Killam, Mooney, Bennett, Bayer, Pharaoh, Strong, Moynihan, Daniels)
A returning concept from the Christopher Walken family reuinion, but this time with everyone doing their Jim Carrey impression – right down to Jay Pharoah resurrecting the Repairman, Bobby Moynihan’s hilarious Mask, and even Jeff Daniels showing up! (Because Dumb and Dumber Too.) Anyway, it’s always great when you can draw from a comedy well that was once funny years ago, and still make it funny again with nuance. (Oh hey, Riddler!)
Blackometer: 8/10

GRAVEYARD SONG (Davidson, Zamata, Pharaoh, Moynihan, McKinnon, Thompson, Carrey, Killam)
When Paul & Phil interrupted the first time as “casual ghosts”, you knew where the sketch was going. I didn’t think I would like this sketch at first due to being kind of predictable…but something about Paul and Phil’s naive but friendly personalities genuinely got to me. But mostly, I’m a sucker for anytime Kenan yells “NO!!!” on the show.
Blackometer: 6.2/10

WEEKEND UPDATE (Jost, Che, Bayer, Moynihan)
Hey, we got both Jost and Che going on mini-rants tonight! Jost seemed to really be in the zone with each of his jokes tonight…actually, just about every joke was spot-on tonight, honestly. Bayer’s Daisy Rose character quickly reminded me of Kristen Wiig’s Rebecca Larue character, flirting on Update with Seth Meyers some years back. However, Bayer became distracted by a crush on Che, going into a desperate romcom “just run away with me, right now!” character. With Che quickly crushing every idea she had (‘stop reading the cue cards out there, and start reading the one in here!’), this turned into something more interactive than the typical Update segment.
And Bobby Moynihan…man oh man, was this guy having a great night. He was everywhere! Drunk Uncle refusing to talk to Che…yikes. But man, to imagine the conversation the two of them would have!
Blackometer: 8.3/10

SECRET BILLIONAIRE (Killam, Strong, Moynihan, Bennett, Carrey, Pharaoh)
First of all, Beck Bennett’s voice is perfect for a dating show. Just saying. Second of all, Jay Pharoah has one of the best “wtf” faces in the entire cast. Third, this was, of course, an excuse for Jim Carrey to sit there and be eccentric. It really could have been done with just Carrey in the sketch by himself. Did it work? Upon rewatching it…that monologue at the end is actually pretty darn interesting. But poor Brian. Surrounded by 250 Dennis’s.
Blackometer: 6/10

GHOST CHASERS (Jones, Killam, Bayer, Zamata, Mooney)
This was the perfect use of Leslie Jones. Also, this was very accurate – and I’m leaving it at that.
Blackometer: 7.5/10

HIGH SCHOOL (Carrey, Bennett, Mooney, Strong, Thompson, Davidson, Pharaoh)
They did a very similar Walking Dead sketch with Kevin Hart back in 2012, except this time it was about a guy trying to bring his zombie son in the group. The strongest part was Carrey’s goodbye to his son, even if you foresaw the ending.
Blackometer: 5/10

HALLOWEEN PARTY (Bayer, Mooney, Zamata, Bryant, McKinnon, Bennett, Carrey, Michaels, Azalea)
Just before this sketch started, Taran Killam tweeted “Calling it now, Kate McKinnon is about to steal the show!!!” I completely agree with him – this was a delight. I don’t know if that audience was expecting them to come offstage (they did have preset props out there, and a reluctant Lorne Michaels), but between the energy Carrey and McKinnon had during these goofy dances and Aidy Bryant’s poor “I didn’t dress up, I forgot…I’m just a woman trying her best!” Joanne character, this might just end up as an iconic SNL sketch.
Blackometer: 8.7/10

So, it looks like Bayer’s & Strong’s porn star characters have Halloween store jobs now? This was so interesting – so similar to that recurring sketch with similar characters, but they spoke much quicker and cleaner than usual, except they’re in a store instead of the usual spot…but then the sketch turned into Jim Carrey’s demon-possessed boss who continually distracted them…? I was confused…but I want to award this thing points for mixing it up in an unexpected way. And for the vortex on the clipboard. (I won’t remember any of this sketch in a few hours, but still.)
Blackometer: 6/10

Best Sketch of the Night: Halloween Party
Worst Sketch of the Night: Ebola Czar Cold Open
Joke of the Night: Jost’s Honey-Boo-Boo show joke
Observations: As soon as Carrey hit the stage, there was a liveliness and energy that carried throughout the entire episode, even for sketches that weren’t as strong or memorable. Carrey was a great host, and gave his natural ‘all’ into everything, no matter how weird it was – which somehow made it not seem as weird, in a sense. We got to see much more of cast members who don’t usually get as much airtime (Moynihan, Pharaoh and Bayer especially had a great night) and Leslie Jones was in a very fitting (and funny!) sketch on her first official show as a cast member. It’s hard to ask for the energy and spirit that the show has had every week so far to continue for the next 7 months (and for continually great hosts), but boy, it this season’s first 4 weeks are any indicator, we still have plenty to look forward to.


Next time: Chris Rock! And Prince!

Bill Hader: 6.91
Sarah Silverman: 6.78
Chris Pratt: 6.54

To Amber Joy Vinson

Dear Amber,

The news of you having symptoms of the Ebola virus have stricken many emotions throughout the U.S. – the main one being fear. For obvious reasons, no one is comfortable with the idea of a deadly disease being among our country, especially in areas where we think it may be easily accessible. As a native of the NE Ohio area, many here have thrown themselves into panic since your visit home to see family and friends. Such panic has even led to locations you visited while in town closing, in fear that the disease symptoms may have floated around in their business. Now, you are quarantined away, receiving treatment for a deadly disease that you unfortunately received while caring for another who had it.

Here’s what, in my opinion, is the most heartbreaking about this situation that I don’t think many are realizing: you are a young 20-something nurse, you gave your all to perform care and duty for another who had an extremely vital and deadly virus which was very risky, unfortunately the worst situation happened, and now you are quarantined – away from all loved ones, as no one can be with you for fear of catching the disease. Yes, away: you are not even able to see your family to have them tell you that they love you, comfort you in this dire time of struggle, or even receive a hug from someone to say “it’ll be okay. I’m here with you.” THAT, and that alone, is the single most heartbreaking thing about this entire situation. If I was in your shoes, all I would want was the support and presence of my family there in my time of great difficulty.

Yet what is America busy doing right now? “OMG EBOLA IS IN OUR COUNTRY” “MY SHOP IS CLOSED, I CAN’T RISK CATCHING THAT” “WE’RE ALL DOOMED” “I NEED TO WEAR MY MASK OUTSIDE AND WASH MY HANDS LIKE NEVER BEFORE” “HOW DARE SOMEBODY BRING THIS AWFUL DISEASE IN OUR COUNTRY?!” – I’m sorry, but why didn’t you say anything when it was killing so many in Africa for so long before it came over here? Yes, of course it’s right to take precaution and be aware of when something like this is in our backyard to avoid it. But Amber, when it was announced that you had been in our area just before showing Ebola symptoms, it was not “oh my goodness, it she okay? How terrible! And her family/loved ones are now having to be quarantined as well – how awful” from most people. It was “PASS THE FACE MASKS! WHO DID THIS TO US?!?”

Amber, now that I am more aware of what is involved with this virus, I am extraordinarily sympathetic and saddened by what you are going through. I personally am praying that God has His hand over you in this process and that you are able to defeat it. If anything, know that you do have people out there who are thinking of you, support you, and care for you. I never knew you, but I know that if it was me in your shoes, that’s all I would want.


(P.S. to the rest of America: I think this says it best right now. Action on misplaced fear is the wrong reaction.)

Bill Hader Has Flashbacks & Gets Pregnant on SNL

Bill Hader was definitely one of the most memorable recent cast members to grace the Studio 8H stage. Whether he was doing one of his spot-on impressions (Alan Alda never disappointed), hosting an eccentric game show, being silenced as Lindsey Buckingham, or perplexing Seth Meyers as Stefon, he was just brilliant and always dedicated to his roles…no matter how insane.

With SNL being in their 40th season, would tonight get nostalgic, bringing back other other cameos that celebrate the show’s [recent] past? Well let’s head through the third SNL Recap to find out!

COLD OPEN: KIM JONG-UN (Moynihan, Strong, Killam, Mooney, Bennett)
Welp, didn’t think I’d see Moynihan’s Kim Jong-Un tonight. Not gonna lie, other than seeing him climb down the stairs and whining the first time, this wasn’t all that funny. Moynihan is funny. Kim Jong-Un isn’t that funny…especially in a one-note sketch. This brought the show to a halt before it started.
Blackometer: 4/10

BILL HADER MONOLOGUE (Hader, Wiig, Fierstein)
Hader is such a pro. And I knew we could expect Hader’s Skeleton Twins partner, Kristen Wiig, to show up. And then, out of nowhere, Harvey Fierstein showed up! This was just a great, fun time. Bill Hader really is just fantastic. And genuine!
Blackometer: 7.5/10

HERB WELCH (Killam, Hader, Davidson, Strong)
“I know you’re smooth down there” – Herb Welch just has no chill whatsoever. Putting him on screen with Pete Davidson (who eventually had a very big night!) was a fine move. It was weird not seeing Jason Sudeikis as the news anchor (Killam even said something about the last guy ‘ailing’), but otherwise, this was HILARIOUS. Good to know Herb is just as ornery, violent and racist as he always was. (Poor Cecily Strong.)
Blackometer: 8.5/10

YA TRAILER (Davidson, Mooney, Bennett, Zamata, Hader)
This was just plain brilliant. Period. SNL is really banking on these movie trailers so far this season. And hey, we got all our featured players front and center! Mazel tov.
Blackometer: 8.3/10

HOLLYWOOD GAME NIGHT (McKinnon, Bayer, Strong, Killam, Pharoah, Bryant, Bennett, Hader, Wiig)
I knew we’d get a sketch like this tonight, with everyone’s impressions being featured. With Bill Hader being here, that’s totally fine. Many of these impressions were dead on, too – good LORD Beck Bennett’s Nick Offerman, who knew? And Jay Pharoah’s Morgan Freeman – I just can’t. I simply can’t. But then, Kristen Wiig kind of forgot she wasn’t hosting, bringing back a one-note impression no one really asked to see again & taking over. This almost canned the sketch for me…but thankfully, Hader’s Al Pacino just barely cancelled out all that rot.
Blackometer: 5.8/10

39 CENTS (Hader, Pharoah, Thompson, Zamata, Jones, Bayer)
This was hilarious. It went just about where I thought it would go, and then went a tad further. (I’ve always wondered if the starving folk in the background commercial actually wonder the things they say in this sketch.) Every time Leslie Jones shows up, the action always seems to escalate in such a great way. It’s so great to have this diversity on the show.
Blackometer: 8/10

WEEKEND UPDATE (Jost, Che, Davidson, Hader)
I’ve decided that Michael Che’s brief standup spiels are the best parts of Update, truly. We got Pete Davidson once again, who seemed to be having a nice night. This wasn’t as memorable as his first appearance, but the confidence his rapper chains gives him to finish his dinner makes me happy for him, and such. Then, as many people expected (and John Mulaney kind of gave away via tweet), Stefon came back. Now, I have two sides to this. On one hand, Wiig and Stefon were given such great sendoffs that it feels weird to have had them back a few times since then. (Wiig was basically Vice-Host last night, from sketches to introducing Hozier’s second performance.) On the other hand, I will say that with Mulaney writing Stefon’s material, even without Seth Meyers’ presence (he was doing stand up in Vegas last night, so…), they did a pretty fine job of having him there without letting the fact that he was there be too out of place. And even if some feel like Stefon’s been overused over the years, the material here was hi-LA-rious. It was painfully obvious that some lines were changed after dress, just like classic Stefon writing. (Who in the writers’ room likes Dan Cortese so much?!)
Blackometer: 7.8/10

PUPPET CLASS (Killam, Moynihan, Strong, Hader, Thompson)
I was NOT expecting this to be a returning sketch! When Seth MacFarlane hosted in 2012, this one the funniest sketch of the night – an estranged war veteran re-living his war flashbacks in Grenada via a puppet. At first, this was just as great as the first one, right up to his cigarette smoke coming out of the puppet’s mouth. Then, suddenly and without warning…we got a brilliant puppet Vietnam flashback. I can’t even talk about how great saying that out loud is. Just brilliant.
Blackometer: 8.7/10

INSIDE SOCAL 2 (Mooney, Bennett, Davidson, McKinnon, Killam, Strong, Hader, Moynihan)
I might be in the minority on this, but this wasn’t as fun as the first Inside SoCal they did last season. I wasn’t really into it once everyone started doing the gravely voice…then Bill Hader showed up as a disoriented teen who tried to compare artwork to his Madden playing, and I chuckled.
Blackometer: 4.5/10

CAT (Hader, Strong, Bryant, Davidson)
An interesting twist: the Cat in the Hat knows the children’s mother, and things get awkward when we learn that they have a past. Things escalate when the man she remarried was Thing 2. You know what’s great about this sketch? It’s better than Mike Myers’ Cat in the Hat movie.
Blackometer: 6/10

LOVE IS A DREAM (Jan Hooks, Phil Hartman) – Hader and Wiig introduced this mid-show to honor the passing of SNL alum, Jan Hook this week. I admittedly had never seen this performance before, but it was wonderful and touching all the same. Rather than simply showing her photo on screen during the show, this was a great and tasteful way to honor two of SNL’s strongest performers in the show’s history.

(By the way, here’s a funny little sketch that got cut at dress with Bill Hader playing a gossiping coal miner.)

Best Sketch of the Night: Puppet Class
Worst Sketch of the Night: Cold Open: Kim Jong-Un Cold Open
Joke of the Night: TIE: Puppet Class’ war flashback AND “I know you’re smooth down there.”
Observations: Bill Hader is still a fantastic performer, Pete Davidson had a big night, puppets can smoke and have vietnam flashbacks, Leslie Jones is never not funny, and Stefon is pregnant. Even with a couple duds, this was a pretty great show with tons of energy. It was a great night for our featured players, while we didn’t see as much of our repertory players (Aidy Bryant and Vanessa Bayer for example didn’t get to say much). While it was fun to have a nostalgic kind of episode with the return of past Hader characters and Kristen Wiig, it will be nice to see if Jim Carrey’s show in a couple weeks calls back attention to the sketches and the cast. Either way, this was a fun show and Bill Hader looked so thrilled to be back. I hope he hosts again soon!


Next time: Jim Carrey on Oct. 25th!


Bill Hader: 6.91
Sarah Silverman: 6.78
Chris Pratt: 6.54


Did Sarah Silverman Catch Ebola on SNL Last Night?

Sarah Silverman was formerly a writer on the show in the 90s, as pointed out in her promos with Taran Killam earlier this week. She’s also known for her comedic stylings, acting, and zingers. (And apparently, she hasn’t been back on the show since stabbing Al Franken at a table read with a pencil…so there’s that.) So the fact that she made funny sketches will mean that she can be a funny cast member this week, right?

Let’s find out – on to our second recap of the SNL 40th season!

COLD OPEN: OBAMA 60 MINUTES (Bennett, Pharoah, Killam)
We get the return of Jay Pharoah’s Obama to talk about ISIS-related situations, which leads to two words I never thought I’d hear together: terrorist tweets. Interesting way to approach this situation, right down to LinkedIn being a terrorist organization. I laughed out loud at “One day the Black Flag of ISIS will fly over the White House. #TheVoiceisBack.”
Blackometer: 7/10

Silverman comfortable riffs for a while, and then ends up sitting on the lap of a real, live audience member. This just fantastic because of Silverman’s electric energy – right down to mentioning her former, brief cast member days and even using her frequent fake-monologue-question appearances in the 90s (why did they make her do so many? Good lawd). This kind of reminded me of Vince Vaughn’s monologue back in 2012 when he riffed with live audience members, but Silverman had her own kind of energy that really worked for her and set a great tone for the episode. (It’s still funny that her featured player questions were treated as being “iconic” since those are usually the least remembered thing on any show.)
Blackometer: 8.7/10

THE FAULT IN OUR STARS TRAILER (Silverman, Killam, Thompson)
Well, we all knew this was coming. But this had a point – don’t date someone with ebola. With quotes like “I laughed. I panicked. I mostly panicked.” and especially “you can’t quarantine your heart”, this was a good send up to both ebola and The Fault in Our Stars. BTW…Taran Killam does such a great crying “I have to kiss you but you have ebola, this is terrible but I can’t escape” face.
Blackometer: 8/10

JOAN RIVERS (Zamata, Silverman, Pharoah, Mooney, Strong, Moynihan, Levine, McKinnon)
This…didn’t seem quite fleshed out. First of all, I was falsely excited to see Sasheer Zamata in a lead role for a second! Nope. It was focused on Silverman’s Joan Rivers in heaven with other great figures (Richard Pryor, Ben Franklin, Lucille Ball, etc.) firing off brief zingers to each of them. This felt unrehearsed overall – Silverman flubs every other line and seems very nervous for some reason, and whether or not the lines were funny, the audience didn’t seem to react much until Moynihan’s Ben Franklin started laughing hysterically (which, I now want to see a sketch about Moynihan’s Ben Franklin). Look, I’m genuinely glad that they did something to honor Joan Rivers, who certainly does deserve it. However, this just felt under-rehearsed and not fully prepared for air. Finally, Adam Levine was in this for absolutely no reason.
Blackometer: 5/10

WHITES (Bryant, Bayer, O’Brien, Bennett, Killam, Silverman)
I had to rewatch this one, but I admit it is pretty clever. Who knows, maybe we do get a white female president next…or a different demographic altogether. Hey look, it’s Mike O’Brien!
Blackometer: 6/10

FORGOTTEN TV GEMS (Thompson, Strong, Silverman, Killam, Bryant, McKinnon)
“Isn’t that weird? Women being nice and not hurtful to each other!” I was on board with this as a running joke for a TCM movie of all things. Along with past iterations of these TCM movie sketches (I do miss Melissa McCarthy falling down the stairs after charming cat calls), what sells it is that Kenan Thompson’s host is such a delight, being overly into the film every piece of commentary. (Finally: Aidy Bryant’s maybe-evil grin wins.)
Blackometer: 8.2/10

WEEKEND UPDATE (Jost, Che, Thompson, Silverman, McKinnon)
I didn’t expect to see Al Sharpton on Update. I never expect to see Thompson’s Al Sharpton because he’s such an example of the real life personality being a completely different person from the SNL impersonation – but I admit, I laughed at his KKK acronym and “I support Obama everyday on MSNBC – even when he personally asked me to stop!” (He’s definitely better used as an Update segment than having those less-than-stellar Politics Nation sketches.)
Che and Jost were, once again, great tonight! The ebola jokes were great, between Jost’s Facebook quiz “How ebola are you?” and Che’s rant, ending brilliantly with “who goes to Texas and Africa?!” But most importantly was their brilliant exchange about what words they’re allowed to say is fantastic. It’s the kind of cohesive bite Weekend Update has been missing for a while.
Lastly, my favorite things about Silverman and McKinnon’s feminist singing duo is McKinnon turning her speech into the countoff to start singing.
Blackometer: 7.5/10

CRUISE SHIP (Thompson, Strong, Zamata, Silverman)
Thompson and three showgirls are stuck on a cruise ship in on a river in Nebraska…and they tell us why with mini-monologues in the middle of their verses for Rollin’ on the River. There’s not much more to it than that. The jokes here are…okay. Not bad, not amazing. Just okay. The lack of laughter on a few meant that a couple (mainly Silverman’s lines) went over the audiences heads. At least they’re all having fun dancing around.
Blackometer: 4.7/10

This song not online due to song copyright issues.

CAR RIDE (Silverman, Killam, Moynihan, Bennett, McKinnon, Levine)
What an interesting piece of writing this was. I’m not 100% sure what to do with it since nothing can be resolved for this couple…I mean, Adam Levine is there and gets hit by oncoming traffic. I feel like some other ending could have occurred here to give it somewhere else to go, but I give it credit for just how interesting the setup was. (Best part: the song on Killam’s radio “You cheated on me…and then you gave me fudge.”
Blackometer: 6.5/10

This song is also not online due to song copyright issues.

POEM (Mooney, Silverman, Bennett)
Another very interesting piece of writing – this time, mocking how people fall in love with each others’ words while finishing their sentences. However, in this case, the situation carries out as it would anyway as the three people come together: however, the endearing poetic feel never stops no matter how malicious Bennett’s butt whoopin’ is. Mooney & Bennett must really like the 90s, because I havcen’t seen swirlies then…or heard “sayonora, sucker” since Nickelodeon’s Doug.
Blackometer: 6/10

VITAMIX (Bayer, Silverman)
Contrary to “Supportive Women” from earlier, we get Vanessa Bayer (for the first time tonight!) trying to advertise an apparently very expensive blender to Silverman without good reason, and the two go into a funny exchange that splits them against each other. This is simple and works on execution alone. I slightly wish it would have gone a tad farther…but it was still fun.
Blackometer: 7/10

Best Sketch of the Night: Sarah Silverman Monologue
Worst Sketch of the Night: Cruise Ship
Joke of the Night“There’s plenty of things I can’t say because I’m black, like ‘toodle-oo’…or ‘skinny machiato’…or, ‘thank you for your help, officer!’” (Che)
(Runner Up: “Jimmy Carter celebrated his 90th birthday as usual by snorting peanut dust off a hooker’s butt.” (Che))

Observations: Sarah Silverman should come back and host sometime. She had great energy that seemed to last all night, and gave the impression that she’s someone fun to be around. Again, we didn’t get Vanessa Bayer until the end of the night…is she the new 10-to-1 slot holder? Anyway, Weekend Update continued to be great once again, and we did get a couple of sketches deemed interesting solely on the concept of their writing. The show, all in all, was darn good, with the monologue & Weekend Update being the biggest highlights. (Oh yeah, and Adam Levine likes being in sketches.)


Next week: Bill Hader! (PLEASE let us get another “Vincent Price” sketch! *fingers crossed*)

Sarah Silverman: 6.78
Chris Pratt: 6.54